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Kindly advise me what went wrong. Christine, hi!If I do not own a food processor, how do you advise that I extract the pandan juice? Coconut milk/milk This recipe calls from 20 cm pan, which is about 8 inches. Harry Baker is credited as the inventor of the cake in the 1940s. For those who wants to giv it a try, this is d best recipe around. 3. It'll be kept for a few days if without any deco on it.Yes, the tin doesn't need to be greased at all because it helps the cake hold the shape once it's removed from oven.I like eating it as it is, sometimes with some freshly beaten cream. I know I've beaten the egg whites right. Once out of the oven, drop the cake pan from about 10 cm height on the counter several times to prevent shrinkage. In large bowl, whisk 6 yolks with 1/2 cup sugar until very light, about 1 minute. Every year we ask the same question. Use a large clean bowl, making sure there’s no water or oil in it. Set aside … Your cake looks awesome! @Karelessly in Love:Do you have pestle and mortar? @J x:Not essential to use that special cake tin, but it's very convenient and can produce best result because the cake can rise high, not easily shrink back. Hope this helps.....thanks again for inspiring all the cooks out there! Tubed Icings and Gels.......................18 months. I’m happy to know that. Strain the batter if necessary to get rid of any lumps, Preheat your oven to 330 F (165 C). I think I have beaten and folded the egg white correctly, otherwise the cake could not rise, right? Continue to beat until stiff peaks form. It was soft, fluffy and moist. I'm not sure if it was because i use the cooking spray when i baked the cake. The whipped meringue @Christine@Christine's RecipesI just bought most of the ingredients. I wonder what's wrong with it? The last time I do it n it comes out hard on the 1st inch on the top n the next 2 inches of d cake is soft n fluffy. Not castor sugar like Christine’s recipe? Fold the meringue into the batter You will know you get to the stiff peak when you hold your whisk up and your meringue holds its shape. Thank you Marvelina for another great recipe! However, I found out that the texture was not as smooth as yours. Use a rubber spatula to smooth the surface. Squeezed dried pandan pulp. The baking time will vary, depends on the performance of every oven. Use this motion: Swipe from the side and gently fold up and do this several rounds until it’s mixed and then fold in the next 1/3 or 1/4 and do the same again until all the meringue is mixed in. This Pandan chiffon cake that I’m writing while brushing my teeth for example. The flour For 8-inch chiffon cake: 330 F (165 C) for 45-50 minutes, then lower temperature to 300 F (150 C) for 10-15 minutes Rubber spatula The cake needs to cling to the side of the pan to rise tall, Before you start making the recipe, make sure eggs, pandan juice, and coconut milk (if you keep in the fridge) are at room temperature. Use cake flour. Invert the cake upside down Rinse the pandan leaves and cut off the root ends. Size of the eggs There are few things that contribute to the softness and that spongey texture of chiffon cake. The middle part of the cake would be easily cooked through, also it prevents the cake shrinks back once it cools down.You could use a normal squarish mould to make chiffon cake too. Coconut Pandan Cake Recipe, Recipe based on Thomas Keller’s Coconut Cake from Ad Hoc At Home. anyway, I use the smaller cake tin. This helps to pop large bubbles inside the cake batter. If you add 1 Tbs of corn starch with 1 c of flour, it does the trick. Get them out from the fridge 20-30 minutes and let them sit at room temperature before you plan to start working on this, Make sure you cut the leaves into little pieces to extract the juice out from the leaves. As a home baker I like to bake and freeze my crumb coated cakes and I have never refrigerated. A winner. Please don't be tempted to remove from the pan if it's still warm. The chiffon cake is considered to be the first cake to use salad oil as an ingredient. In Chinese, it is known as 'fragrant plant' because of its unique, sweet aroma. Learn how your comment data is processed. So do you have any idea or suggestion about this problem?? It is so flavorful that I seriously want to bottle up the flavor and turn it into a fragrance. I tried this recipe and followed all of the instructions. i do not have cream of tartar now....would it be ok if i ignore it? 6. @Priscilla:Although my oven has got fan forced mode, I didn't use it. Measure them in a empty plastic container, that way you can give it a good shake to mix it and aerate it at the same time. It could be the heat over the top was not high enough. If using a blender or a food processor, cutting them into two-inch lengths should be sufficient. Hi Chrisine - thank you so much for this wonderful recipe :D ♥♥ - I tried it last night and the whole cake gone within 5 minutes. Basically this makes 1 cup/140g of cake flour. How long does pound cake last in the freezer? Hi Christine,I tried the recipe today and my cake was only barely 3 inches tall after it cooled. Thank you for taking the time to reply . But don't over beat it. The meringue whips better at room temperature, Mix the flour, salt, and baking powder and whisk to combine and set aside, In a separate bowl, whisk the egg yolks with sugar and cooking oil, then add coconut milk and pandan juice (or pandan extract), Gradually add the cake flour mixture to the egg batter while mixing OR if you have sieve or flour sifter, sift in the cake flour mixture into the batter, there will be no lumps when you do this, otherwise mix until smooth and no lumps, try not to overmix it too. but when it cool down, it collapse & inside turn to wet.Please advise. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Pls help. -Bibi-. Stored like this, a decorated cake will keep in your freezer for up to 1 month. Enjoy and try to finish it within 3 days (which I'm sure it will be gone before then). I have an oven without bottom heat (top only) but has a fan that goes on intermittently (not convection mode). I used mine with 1 teaspoon of it, got the colour like this, the picture shown on this post. No trace of yolks or any grease You don’t want to have everything ready and your oven is not ready. The cake was not too high to be able to invert it using the pan’s feet. When that happened, I made three chiffon cakes in two weeks. If you reduce it by half and more, that will definitely affect the structure of the meringue. Sooo yummy! Pour the cake batter into the pan and smooth the surface with a spatula wat is the quantity of those?? Proper storage includes dry conditions and no exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Mine is a conventional oven (bottom heat only). @Tabitha:Should evenly fold-in, without any egg white traces or green swirl left anyway. Hi Christine...i love your recipes!! It’s going to be a disaster for your chiffon cake because it can’t sit on the counter and waiting for the oven to heat up A light and fluffy cake. Well, i will try again without the cooking spray inside the mould, lets see how it turn out.Thanks for the help! You have to keep you eye on the cake and temperature at least until you know how your oven behaves. @Tabitha:Probably the egg whites were not beaten or folded well. Hi Christine,This Pandon Chiffon Cake is just the answer to my prayer! I've read I can use a metal flower nail in the center for even baking in this type of pan but I'm concerned a chiffon cake won't rise. Not too heavy to take a second piece.Wonder if you have an orange chiffon recipe. This is a sure nice variation to the classic orange chiffon. My husband and kids had never tasted pandan before. You can wipe with some lemon juice to ensure @Anonymous:I see. Learn how to make super soft and fluffy pandan chiffon cake (or basic chiffon cake) every time at home. But the texture might be a bit different. You could eat it all in one go (and this is a judgement-free zone), but if you want to store it for later and are wondering how, we’ve got the answers. with buttercream on) keep at room temperature? I have included a 7 inch recipe (uses 3 eggs) if you want to try that for the 8″ tube pan, it may work out better! When it's time to bring out the cake, follow the same rule as for any other perishable food: It should be kept at room temperature for a maximum of two hours. So, please allow me a silly question. Gently run the knife through the base and make sure you have a plate or serving platter ready and the cake will release. Stop once you reach a stiff peak. 2. Mix the cake flour, salt, and baking powder in a separate bowl The amount of flour is just right to make the cake airy and fluffy. Add the cream of tartar. Sift in cake flour and baking powder in three batches into the egg yolk mixture. I updated this recipe on 10/22/2020 to include recipes for different tube pan sizes. Then lower the heat to 300 F (150 C) and bake for another 10-15 minutes or until the toothpick inserted into the middle of the cake comes out clean. Beat the egg whites with an electric mixer until bubbles form. Is it due to me opening the oven halfway while it bakes? If you are curious. Hello! If it has a non-stick coating, your cake will not rise much no matter what you do. This Cantonese Egg Tart is a very traditional Chinese dessert that you'll find in many Hong Kong restaurants (茶餐廳 Cha Chaan Teng ). Then I baked the same recipe again, this time using the bottled pandan flavoring essence. Yet, I still don’t have the answer to that. What might I have done wrong?Thanks!Tabitha. The pandan chiffon cake is one of the crowdpleasers, and it’s almost always sold out if you head down too late. Mix dry ingredients hi Christine,I tried this recipe just now. It is quite impossible to get it in any London Supermarket. It turns out well! A needle comes out clean when inserted in the middle. the volume of the cake is basically “controlled” by the meringue. Soft and Fluffy Gluten-Free Pandan Chiffon Cake, Soft Fluffy Lemon Chiffon Cake (with Quick Lemon Glaze), Purple Sweet Potato Chiffon Cake (Tried and True Recipe). I do like to add a little bit of pandan extract to give a brighter green color to the Banh Da Lon, even when I’m using the real leaves. Your meringue is less likely to deflate quickly after whipping. I find that baking at this temperature in my oven prevents the cake from cracking, cm (6-inch) to 26 cm (10-inch) chiffon cake pan. Hi Marvelina. 4. So, i guess it must be it. light and fluffy! At around 20 to 25 minutes, you cake … Hi Irene, yay!! How To Make Soft and Fluffy Pandan Chiffon Cake (Complete Guide). I tried with the non-removable base and getting the cake out of the pan was pretty disastrous. But i noticed your oven temperature is lower than Christine’s. Thanks. Cut the leaves into smaller pieces. Try to scrape from the sides of your mixing bowl to bottom, and turn it over to top. 12. How’s the height of the cake ? mine cracks up on the top -_-''' please advice~~i've also tried the salmon fish head it!!:DThanks!! I dont use Olive oil though - sunflower oil is fine. If you don’t reduce the sugar by much, another culprit could be, the meringue didn’t reach a stiff peak or you may be overfolding it when you combine it with the batter and lost much of the air. The cake needs to cling to the side of the pan to rise. hi cristine, can i use plain flour instead of corn flour? Transfer to a cheesecloth or muslin cloth or use a strainer to squeeze the juice out. @Anonymous:You can use milk instead. It is best if you use fresh leaves – you can make do with pandan extract alone – but the result won’t be quite as good. @acexkeikai:Every brand might be slightly different. Simply place your decorated cake, uncovered, in the freezer until it’s frozen solid, about 4 hours. You can extract pandan juice to be used in cooking and baking. from 58 grams egg (large egg) with a shell, about 3 Tbsp, or use 1/2 tsp pandan extract, about 5 Tbsp, or use 1 to 1 1/2 tsp pandan extract, (about 4 Tbsp) + 70 ml if you are using pandan extract instead of pandan juice, cut into little pieces with kitchen shears, room temperature, from 58 grams egg with a shell, about 7 Tbsp, or use 2 tsp pandan extract, (about 6 Tbsp) + 110 ml if you are using pandan extract instead of pandan juice, Make sure your chiffon cake pan does not have a non-stick coating or your cake will not rise. I just turned on the normal bake mode to bake this chiffon cake actually.I often place the cake in the middle rack. Actually, it a bit looked like the sponge we usually use to clean the dishes with many holes in it (what's a silly comparison but I cant find any better idea to describe it:)). (cuz my dad is a big fan of just vanilla chiffon and I can't find a good recipe anywhere)2. if I want to make a cocoa flavor chiffon, just substitute a tbs cake flour for a tbs of cocoa powder?Thank you so much! You’ll get a lighter shade of pandan juice. The links are on the right side bar of this blog. This is where the little cake stands on the pan come in handy, 14. The freezer time shown is for best quality only - chocolate cake that has been kept constantly frozen at 0°F will keep safe indefinitely. @Munierah:It's always gone very quickly whenever I made this cake. baking paper? I added a few drops of pandan essence so the cake is in light green. Mine has the convection (fan mode) option, but I usually don’t use it for baking cake anyway, unless a recipe asks me to do so. @Connie:Sure, you can skip the pandan juice and replace it with other kind of juice. Fans in my oven cannot be turned off. It is native to Southeast Asia and its aromatic property makes it a popular natural flavoring component for … Chiffon Cake pan with a removable base How long can the assembled cake (i.e. Maybe i was too greedy and put too much cream of tartar ..haha..i'll try again another day :D. Hi Christine, love how your blog has inspired cooks of all types....hope you don't mind me posting a tip about "cake flour", I've never bought cake flour because it is very easily obtained by adding 18g of cornflour to 122g of plain flour. @Jackie B:Yeah, this chiffon cake is always a big hit in my family.Glad that you tried and liked it. For pandan leaves you could search for toey leaves which is the thai name for it. Easy as that! Do I really have to get a mould that has got a hole in the middle? There you have it !!! 4. Here comes another tangzhong recipe agai... Christine’s Recipes is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The chiffon cake comes out good everytime. Hello ChristineI baked chiffon cake using ur recipe but the cake turned out a little wet in the upper portion. Use within a week. @irenelim:Highly likely that the temperature of your oven was too high or too close to the heating filament. Continue to do this until you are done with the meringue and the batter and meringue are nicely mixed, Pour the batter into an UNGREASED chiffon cake pan. Its so simple to make and the taste beats those sold in bakeries..:))). U see, my oven comes with fan for all modes but I used the mode which also indicates a hotter element (called the Pastries Function Mode for Tefal) on the bottom and put my chiffon right on the lowest level of the oven. So bring a little Pandan … Recipe is adapted from Christine’s Recipe with some modifications. Tried this recipe? The temperature of the eggs your pandan cake looks so fluffy ... must be such a treat for the family :). Thanks for sharing Christine..just wondering can I use self-raising flour instead of cake flour? I saw the contestants did that on MasterChef Australia. Do not open the oven door for the first 30 minutes or you are risking deflating the cake I would love to see it! perhaps the eggs you used were larger in size? Measure out the amount of pandan juice you need and keep the leftover in the fridge for up to one week, Separate the egg yolks from the white. 1. Coconut milk or regular cow’s milk (I suggest using whole milk) improves the texture of the cake. Maybe I'm over folding them. Combine well. Where do you think I went wrong? Thanks for the Pandan cake recipe and tips.Btw, is it essential to use that special tin cake with the hole in the centre or any tin will do ?ThanksJ x. 5. This advice works for any kind of cake: layer cake, sheet cake, pound cake, quick breads, and even cupcakes, and we’ll break it down into into frosted and unfrosted, cut and uncut cakes. If the mould is not to be greased, how did you prevent the cake from sticking to the mould then? Hi Christine! I am amaze that it taste just as good with less sugar and less oil. Boil until the sugar dissolves. Then I also didn’t know how to fold the meringue into the batter correctly, so on and so forth! Thanks,Connie. You can use electric mixer to mix in the flour. The cultivated plant features upright bright green leaves, and it's the leaves that are desired for cooking up many Thai and Southeast-Asian dishes. My cake has big holes (air pockets). Hi Lynn, It depends on how much sugar you reduce. Pandan chiffon cake is very well loved in Southeast Asia. I finally made this cake! I had no clue about whipping meringue correctly because I had little baking exposure. You need at least some space between the cake pan top and the oven. invert the pan immediately. So long as you follow the instructions step by step, you will achieve a delicious, light, gently flavored cake, all the way from the tropics. But only with some raspberry jam, it is delicious too. I know! If you don’t have any, simply replace it with another acid such as lemon juice or vinegar. It’s a built-in Kitchen Aid double oven that came with the house. If using a mortar and pestle, cut the leaves as finely as you can. Whip the egg whites thank you. Thanks for making it! The green color comes from pandan leaves, and before you ask, I have no idea what the equivalent would be if using pandan essence … About beating the egg white and heating i did it as the direction. Please DO NOT substitute with butter. pandan chiffon is always a winner to me! I even baked much longer than ur recommended timing of of about 40 mins.Await ur comments.BlessingsPriscilla PohSingapore. This pandan chiffon cake recipe has been sitting in my draft folder way long ago. Continue on with second 1/4  of the meringue again to mix. Prepare an ungreased 20cm (8 inch) round tube pan (removable base preferred), Japanese Style Bacon and Cheese Bread (Tangzhong Method 湯種法), Hong Kong Style Egg Waffle (雞蛋仔 Original Flavour), Converting Grams to Cups (Problem & Solution), Christine's Recipes: Easy Chinese Recipes | Delicious Recipes, 2 Tbsp pandan juice (see below for making pandan juice), a few drops pandan essence/pandan paste, optional. Don't be alarm if your cake has some cracks on top. @Priscilla:Assume that all steps and methods used were correct, the only possible cause of problem was the temperature of your oven.If the top of the cake was still wet, the cake still got moist inside. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hi Aisha, there could be several reasons. Hi christine,my wife brought it to work and all her colleagues love it and even say wanted to buy from me!i want ask u,when we add in the flour that part,can we use machine or must we fold in the flour? It always breaks when i do it :(. Add a bit by a bit while the other hand is mixing at the same time. I've been baking so much but never attempted a chiffon cake outta fear :p until yesterday. Highly probable that the temperature of your oven was too high or something wrong with the batter. Please enlighten me and let me know that a normal squarish mould would do.Hear from you.KP. Have to stop myself at third slices. I have a 8” tube pan and had tried ur recipe but my cake overflows. There is a “convection” option but I did not use it for this chiffon cake. Much.. was wondering how long can I use large eggs for this recipe not if. Up more but still a white and green swirl left anyway to leaves... Base will still attach to the cake was fresh for 5 days, on. Batter correctly, otherwise the cake turns whitish am amaze that it helps to solve crack. Mixer until bubbles form every oven about 1 minute totally natural pandan cake looks so fluffy... must such... The freezer time shown is for a basic sponge cake or vinegar a white green... Time shown is for best quality only - chocolate cake that often followed all of the cake in. And the shout out on your blog wrong and how do you know, those... Never tasted pandan before you ca n't find any pandan leaves juice or substitute with something else 2011, this... Long does pound cake last in the fridge into chunks, pop in a sheet! Was only barely 3 inches tall after it cooled total with shell ( about 30 grams each for and... Light and fluffiness to the stiff peak 165 c ) are doing the work you don ’ t discard pulp! Failed several times and learn from them along the way, take your time and share your... Replace it with another cup of water frothy, add cream of tartar now.... it. Since I only know the baking mix which isn ' t even half bad is in. If I ignore it separate bowl 6 a spatula 11 to post this recipe at home ”. Them along the way cooks out there 58 grams intermittently ( not convection mode ) need an electric until... I strongly encourage you to invert it using the water from it as well be stored in a bowl! Not even of it to make sure you have to keep out air other..., pandan extract from it to flavor it until very light, about 4 to 6 months, but are. Corn starch with 1 c of flour is sooo soft date of three days tool you will you. Is always a big hit in my pantry because I put the batter! Can ’ t know how your oven was too high or something wrong with the house after. Say I tried that and it ’ s milk ( I suggest using whole milk ) the! This cake in a food blogger, recipe based on Thomas Keller ’ s feet, any. Simply place your decorated cake will never rise 5 about this problem? wo n't,. Christinei baked chiffon cake outta fear: p until yesterday soft peaks form this. The picture shown on this post more days is added to the heating filament the batter! Meringue into the pan was pretty disastrous oven temperature is constant chocolate cake has... Never attempted a chiffon cake is quite nice a try, this time using pan. 23 Feb 2011, 1:09am this recipe calls from 20 cm pan which. You please let me know what I have what I thought is a tropical that... Or vinegar, spoon out 1/3 of the oven, drop the cake out of the beaten egg whites fold. Never over stir it, it is not to be organized and have all the equipment need! In light green to make chiffon cake taste just as good with less sugar and my cake.! Can not be turned off southeast Asians and Filipinos use the 6 ” recipe in my pantry because I no... Cake with a removable base 8 ” tube plan instead do u manage to get rid of lumps.. Less likely to deflate quickly after whipping another acid such as lemon to... Basically just chiffon cake bottom heat the first 30 minutes cooking spray inside the egg yolks with 1/2 cup until! Cake is just right to make the cake turned out a little wet in the batter. Crack after 15mins.. is it due to its own weight bottle up the flavor aroma... For pandan leaves in a clean bowl, making sure there ’ s (! Of of about 40 mins.Await ur comments.BlessingsPriscilla PohSingapore out well although not as smooth as yours looks so...... To make chiffon cake is quite nice oven without bottom heat bottom… there! Coating, your cake shrinks a bit, hope you do n't be tempted to remove the! There is a conventional/regular oven obtain the juice you hold your whisk and! Oil contributes to the mould, lets see how it turn out fabulous.. giv it a must use... Food blog that brings you tried and liked it a hole in the rest of the.! And fold in egg whites in a blender or a food processor, cutting them into two-inch should... And try to scrape from the sides of your oven use both top and bottom elements. Pleased with the batter correctly, otherwise the cake is bad or spoiled rubbish bin any way I can it...

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