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I hope to get a bigger bike soon, but won't get rid of my PRU as she has become my dependable friend. Yamaha YZF-R125. Yamaha SR 125 model overview: Yamaha SR 125 models include the 4 motorcycles below produced from 1997 to 2001. Post subject: yamaha wr 125 r. Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2012 9:12 pm . @ ZigWheels ... View All Q&A SR 125 vs Access 125; Yamaha Ray-ZR 125. The SR 125 is the fastest of the 125cc scooters. The front disc brake works OK, but the suspension is on the soft side and the motorcycle soon feels like a mini bouncy castle if you try and corner at all rapidly. this is my current bike till August when my restriction is up its fantastic value for money and can reach 65 at a push. and also tell that straight speed and speed when you bend your head down or nealy lying ahad0202 (Pakwheel User) 2016-09-15 18:16:16 +0500 #15 i have reached 125 km/hr on stock. I would recommend to a Learner ,I have even seen Large Men on Them but for Me My Partner bought Me One for £300 off Ebay to learn on ,I could do anything on It but It was perfect because It was Low and I am Small . A slip-and-assist clutch couples engine power to the six-speed transmission that comes geared for an estimated top speed of 78 mph at 110 mpg; fast … Easy to manoeuvre, simple to use and featuring an electric starter and enclosed drive chain, the Yamaha SR125 is an ideal machine for new riders and commuters. Although I could get her to 70- slightly less economic. It's an ideal CBT motorcycle, but beyond a training school car park the Yamaha SR125 feels slow and outdated in almost every way. But still ideal starter and short commuter bike who occasionally does longer journeys and has few maintenance skills. 2020 Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE Top Speed. Inspect technical data. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. Front forks and engine are in very good condition. Stock tire sizes are  on the front, and  on the rear. Hi, Just bought a 98 SR125 with 6,500 on the clock so i can get some experience on the road and pass my test and then get a real bike. Yamaha XMax 125 Scooter Price Specs Top Speed Mileage Review Overview. The SR 125 … The VVA feature helps consistent power delivery across the rev band. Do the work yourself and all you have to do is change oil and filter and watch the sump plug it rounds off. As for top speed when pushed very, very hard it will scream its way north of 50-55 but then the slightest gust of side wind will make you soil your trousers. Always getting compliments on it and really comfy ride, great for a first bike! For about £18 you can get almost 200 miles. The only good thing about it was the seat was comfortable. R125 can hit the top speed of approx 125 KMPH*. No, the kickstarter isn’t an option; it’s the only wa… went on Mine but by that Time I had passed My Test and got a bigger Bike .No other problems at all .I have to say that the Chrome on the Wheels etc was unmarked and like New even though It was 1996. This 125cc sporty look bike has been inspired from the Gladiator that has been discontinued. Now it is August 2013 and I have got my cbt, MOT, insurance and tax. The Yamaha SR125's motor is one of those understressed units (also features in the TW125 Yam ) that just keeps plodding along for years. This model is powered with a 1049 cc, 4-stroke, 3-cylinder, non-supercharged engine, which offers 125 … Chances are given the choice you would take anything else on the menu but when it's take it or leave it, you take it. It is a nippy little bike good for short commuting and town/city life is its natural habitat. The standard tyres for this bike work wonders in all weather's. Look at photos. I will miss my wee bike when I can eventually afford to do my full test... Got mine when i was 17 after doing my cbt on one. Aprilia SR 125 Top Speed. Fantastic little runner particularly round town, I had mine for 2 years when I was learning to ride and just after i passed my test. The Yamaha SR400 (1978–2018) and SR500 (1978–1999) are single-cylinder, air-cooled, two-passenger motorcycles manufactured in Japan by Yamaha Motor Company as a street version of the Yamaha XT500, with a standard riding posture and styling resembling the Universal Japanese Motorcycles of the 1970s. Keep it clean and well maintained and it will never let you down. Nevertheless it does the job and is as forgiving as Jesus himself. Top Speed 89 mph / 143.2 km/h Yamaha's SR250 appears as a conglomerate of bits and pieces culled from other bikes in the range and sold, with a semi-chopper image, under the 'custom' label. Yamaha’s new MT-125 takes the style of its bigger MT-07 and MT-09 brothers along with the chassis and engine of the YZF-R125 to create one of the best 125s yet. With the Yamaha SR125 you do get fuel, neutral and temperature warning lights, which some 125 learner motorcycles lack, but otherwise the Yamaha SR125 is a basic mode of transport, with few frills. The SR 150 goes up to 120km/hr, and the SR 125 has a top speed of about 110km/hr. A couple of times on particularly good days in ideal conditions I have managed to coax about 70mph out of it which shocked me, Page 1 OWNER’S MANUAL SR125 3MW-28199-E3...; Page 3 Yamaha a reputation for dependability. YBR 125 will be available in three … Read 30 user reviews of Aprilia SR 125. The 2014-2019 Yamaha MT-125 is the learner licence-friendly baby of a burgeoning model family. About - When it comes to the Recreation WaveRunner category, you can currently find 6 different models in this family.You can compare these models here: How fast is a Yamaha VX? I found it VERY forgiving bike considering mine got little care, occasionally diesel in the tank rather than petrol and the oil level was allowed to drop way below the minimum mark. Under new guidelines, the SR 125 now gets combined braking as standard. The Yamaha SR125 is one of the oldest 125 cruiser type motorcycles on the roads today. TOP registrace Yamaha SR 125 Yamaha SR 125 (1992) Kolín, jelda-f. Je to takový klidný choppřík na poježdění po městě a na krátké vzdálenosti. The Yamaha XMAX 125 is the ultimate everyday urban commuter. It was SORN, had a copper nut in place of the left, rear wheel spacer. So the Yamaha SR400 and SR500 had managed thirty six years in production at the time of the 2014 re-introduction to export markets.

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