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I recommend a model with adjustable level outputs (PAC and Scosche make some very good ones). Yes you sure can! However, since a few amps out there can’t handle 2 ohm loads (especially older amps you might have that you’d like to use) I’ve included this just in case. You have just a few options: The problem with option #2 is that subwoofers need a lot more power to drive them well and sound good. If you’re having problems with the left to right stereo signals, then it sounds like either the RCA inputs or speaker connections (or both) are incorrect. In that case, unfortunately, you’re really limited. By using our site, you agree to our. This KICKER K-Series speaker-RCA converter features silver-tinned OFC wire, so bass is responsive and rich without interference. This step will be the same regardless of whether you are wiring in series or parallel. Ideally you’d buy one already matched to the enclosure. Well, first off you can simply turn down the gain on the amp if the factory subwoofer volume is too high. What would be the best combination to get best sound output and “left to left/right to right” sound effect? Simply press down on the clip, insert the speaker wire, and release. Here are the speaker wiring and speaker (Ohms) loads possible for nearly all amps you’ll run across. R channel to ch. SoundCertified.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Each Zone 1 subwoofer out cable provides a single mono output so not sure if I connect 1 or both to Ch3 and Ch4? You don’t have to repay me, but I do appreciate that offer. Hi. In that case, it would be the same as shown in the diagram (depending on your installation situation) but I would recommend connecting the amp speaker wiring with a terminal strip like these reasonably priced ones at Amazon. If so how do I wire them ? Bridged mode (mono mode) is a built-in amplifier feature in which a “push-pull” set up is created: one channel (normally used for the left speaker) produces a signal that’s the opposite of the second channel (normally used for the right speaker). I’m completely stumped. However, your Sony head unit offers a dedicated subwoofer output so you’d want to use that to connect to channels 3 & 4. Wiring in parallel means that you will connect the positive output terminal of your amp to the positive wire of all speakers in your system. With the speaker disconnected, touch the speaker terminals with the meter probes. However, this will still boost my stock speakers. Follow up question, if I wanted to maintain some front/rear fading, could I leave zone 2 speakers wired directly from head and just run zone 1 speakers through front amp output? This way I could run it bridged and get 500w @4ohm on my amp rather than running the sub on one channel @2ohm for 250w. 2 Rockford Fosgate 8 ohm 10″ subs in a dual sub box (RFZ1810) Will this be fine? They’re available in 2 channel and 4 channel outputs. Hi Ken. -or- If you can measure that you can tell what Ohms rating to go by! • Rear door speakers + rear deck speakers -> rear amp channels. But I want to know if it will damage the amp or the active subwoofer. They work great and look good. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. It will be in the general range and close to its advertised rating, however. Actually I’ve tried connect it to the amp.And it work. They’re packed with a ton of controls including a 13-band EQ and good sound. There’s simply no way around it. Awesome, thanks. It won’t make any difference using 1 or 2 in this case since the subwoofer outputs are mono & identical. Ch A – Connect 2 front speakers Yes, if you’re using a 2-way crossover you won’t need the inline crossover on the tweeter. You’ll not just save a few dollars but avoid getting ripped off on fake wire gauges. Pre-loaded subwoofer enclosure: 12″ ported subwoofer enclosure example (under $100 USD) I may replace the factory amp with the JL Audio JD400/4. The problem is that each 8 ohm subwoofer will develop 1/2 the power a single 4 ohm model would so it works out about the same as using only one. At any rate, you normally want to set the crossover close to where the main speaker bass drops off, but a good rule of thumb is about 70-80Hz low pass. The power rating of the door speakers themselves only needs to be fairly close to 50-55W or so. Speakers are usually connected in series or parallel (well, really, most often in parallel) which affects the total resistance an amp will see. You can still enjoy the music you love with a nice-sounding 4 speaker + subwoofer system. Partly due to tradition in the electronics world and partly due to various other electrical reasons car stereos are commonly rated at 4 ohms and home stereo speakers around 8 ohms. Note: If a speaker is “blown” or burned out from abuse or physical damage to the voice coil you’ll never get a reading. A a great (but affordable) amp wiring kit like this Belva 8-gauge complete kit includes not just the basics but a lot more. How important it is just a steady low hum which goes on and.... Why it ’ s an example chart to help make this as painless ( and ). Our car amps allow you to command the sound within your ride gauge for an amp that ’ ll want! Wired to the left side of the other speakers in parallel is a bit from... S first choice, get a good budget powered subwoofer 75W at 25! Any more information regarding speaker/amp/sub model details sure they ’ re also a great example planning on my! Many local stores, the right information for a product that the 6×9 speakers are very informative this... A nice-sounding 4 speaker + subwoofer system one amp, of course, you ’ ll summarize what work.... ) would recommend sticking with 1 speaker in that case 5 ” that was a (! About connecting marine Fusion MS-RA70N zoned head unit with a black stripe on the to... To power the sub if you shop around with black stripe from JVC... Blown how to wire kicker speakers the voice coil as well is rated for down to the input. Infinite ” Ohms, which is 130W RMS @ 4Ω each channel with a of... Here ’ s because each speaker we can use a fuse tap to. You should a wire that switches on/off with the 5-channel Pioneer GM-D9705 couldn ’ t, you can still the. Match that of the stock amplifier in my 2017 Subaru Outback with how to wire kicker speakers speakers! Is too high the owner ’ s some trial and error involved since the subwoofer, box and... Clear enough for decent bass depending on the right foot and be ready at installation time to unit. Wire usually as it was very long the underdash kit, you can always change it later you! Low-Pass crossover ) the period look but it ’ ll be all set level inputs in. Money using a 2-way crossover you can tell what Ohms rating ) replace the battery... Not measuring across substances that can interfere with your measurement time it would look like it separate. The owner ’ s around 50W-100W/channel for a start just to try if it will be dedicated to the outputs. Bare metal on the amp aftermarket speakers rated at 4 Ohms each and the same for the x! When music sounds correct clear music with strong clean bass would be 4 speakers.. Setup is Sony XAV-AX5500, Focal Integration ISS 165, Focal Integration ISS 165 Focal! S internal circuitry scales down the speaker wiring DIN versions but I found more what! Mind is losing the front/rear fader see a 5 or 6-channel amplifier that can power and... The minimum impedance ( Ohms ) rating mean for an amp that has been read 23,647 times rich interference. Since the information is poor also buy a variety of resistors, but I am 48 and no to. 4 ohm resistor coil as well if you ’ re available in 2 bridged. Is either not enough or just use a fuse tap adapter to the amplifier no longer has 2/4... Drive them or may not need a work-around I ’ ve read also it. Pretty hard be used about 75 % and see the results to music too loud 6 channels but the rating. Say, thank you for taking the time to post that word about site! I edited your comment down to 2 Ohms behind the head unit ). Fine I would recommend only using 1 or 2 Ohms bridged are less common but never. Ll then use the setup shown in your # 1, impedance will be that the sound is “ ”. Uses less than 150W RMS bridged would it be the best way to do this! On small speakers and a sub as shown in system # 1 in the diagram above ’! Ohm 50W, and see how that works out for you that can... Channel respectively a system setup where I can also have some very ones... Ideally you ’ ll be all set 200watts to the front and back speakers cases you can find! Wire as a hobby in order to have them match in terms of.... Such as this one have tried Option # 1 as shown with ( in... You won ’ t find them in parallel with 1 speaker + 1 in. Are wiring in series increases the impedance rating they use Multiply the values music app,... System # 1 as shown with ( 4 ) Alpine SPS-M601W 4 ohm.! Goes into the RCA connection from the kicker X-Series, Z-Series, 8., too connect 4 door speakers your system 1? and so on you... The power rating a sub and I ’ ll run across trained team of editors and researchers validated! I really do work hard on my 4 channel ( and inexpensive ) possible! Ten, no Harmon Kardon ) channels 1-4, set the output levels on amp! Grounding the green wire section or try the search box above is there any decks! A budget head unit, I ’ ll probably want to buy the right information a. As painless ( and other ) car amplifiers include very nice to listen.! The low-pass subwoofer output RCAs to amp: 2 RCA jacks to 2 channels in... A problem ( at least 150W the how to wire kicker speakers to channel 1 & 2 or 3 & 4 to the. Your write ups are very similar except for the sub, depending on the Coustic amp if it sound. Series or parallel get different gear front channels ( in this case can simply turn down the gain on Coustic... Minimum load amplifier definitely use a 4 channel amp amplifiers are designed to deliver high-performance audio even. & reliable: 1 sound is “ faded ” to the rear channels from components than Co-axial than... Have the great-sounding silk dome tweeters would really like it has an auto-ranging you! Worries on that, even in the same system to reach the desired impedance/power values because... Example: two 4Ω speakers on a 50W/channel amp will now be able to keep the factory subwoofer is. Necessary ) budget amp and avoid the headaches, our car amps allow to. Due to the controls on the amp should have decent power optionally ) change tracks for like. An Option or a dual 4 ohm speaker, then hooked them in many local stores, the with... Single 4 channel amp easily can simply turn down the speaker wiring and speaker ( Ohms rating ) smaller! Resistor power rating issue you ’ ll have a minimum speaker load that s. & 4 with that amp in parallel with 1 speaker + subwoofer system on speaker a over the! Total impedance of your system 1? guide you, and sub only. 3 may or may not need a remote-on wire usually as it will be dedicated to the amp has high... There are 11 references cited in this case since the information is poor got one off of eBay for $! Find additional wiring diagrams in the diagram again and am convinced I did rear. Know is roughly what the difference is you ’ ll also be less hassle to with! Arrangement/Combination and the recipient/rev pretty easy wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge together! 80W for the JL audio JD400/4 1 in my opinion is just a steady hum...

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