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how can you even call yourself a kpop fan especially calling yourself ARMY when you don't even know how to respect other group. Daleep kumar singh you are defending her instead of Indian culture are you an idiot crap man I hate you. Idiot, can't you see that she is freaking having a bit of fun?! On an online Korean community site, a user uploaded an explanation of why Jennie was embroiled in a ridiculous controversy, without even knowing the situation behind the idol's image on stage. And before anyone says anything, or tries to tell me to put myself in your… Read more ». They probably didn't 'know' about your cross. As a ARMY I love and respect blackpink just as much I do to BTS. If you don’t have nothing nice to say don’t say that crap at all! No one gives a sh*t about your opinion, if you cant respect or understand a culture, just dont have to speak against it, if you really dont like them trying to speak for their culture i dont think its them who should change. Stop criticizing people for nothing . Below is the footage that has been causing the controversy among fans in India. But some ask why the bands keep making similar mistakes. She was only joking about! But you can’t say anything if you aren’t part of the culture or the religion. Do you think she did that to mock the culture of indians?? And that's okay. Some experts point to South Korea’s history to explain the prism through which K-pop artists distill foreign influences and inspiration. But Black fans also renewed longstanding critiques about K-pop, particularly what they saw as a refusal to recognize the genre’s influences in Black music, dance and culture. If you all call this bharatnatayam and accuse her fir disrespecting our culture then believe me you have a lot to learn and to work hard know it properly. Even though it is still a fairly new band, Pentagon has already had a scandal related to dating. “Oh but youre white, you cant say anything” Too bad. ?????? Do you and BTS even know each other enough for "baby boys" nicknames lol. I LOVEEEEEE BTS and i HATEEEEE blackpink. I've also participated in guinness world record and please I dont find anything offensive here. Not all people know all countrys culture. !well ..she knew what she was doing...she ain't a kid.!! Let me get this across, Jennie is so disrespectful Ugh I hate them so much. mocking mudras is beyond limits now and is fuming “K-pop has grown faster than the industry had time to raise issues with or reflect on their problematic behavior,” Dr. Shim added. I am seriously shocked by how touchy people are of their culture. The scandal, though, probably won’t affect K-pop as a whole: After all, the genre’s top names, BTS and Blackpink, are not implicated. There is nothing offensive and she doesnt know what she is doing.when we people disrespect there culture by saying their boys gays because of their looks. Ppl shld understand that it's difficult to learn culture of different countries and for a huge country like India with such a vast diversity may take a lot of time. It's ok Jennie you can make mistakes. Guys its not fair to treat her this way!!!!!! Jeans wouldn’t mind he would understand that you’re not occidentals. I'm allowed to feel offended that Jennie did that, and I know many non-Indians wouldn't understand either, though. When she's depressed ppl drag her saying she's lazy and when she's having fun ppl still drag her with unnecessary issues. Seriously, listen to some good artists like Katy perry who respect India! BLACKPINK Fandom Name: BLINK BLACKPINK Official Fan Colors: Black & Pink (Not […] The amount of hate i saw on the day KTL was released was huge. And you think that she knows what bharatnatyam is? The K-pop band, comprising of Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé, are being slammed by Indians for cultural misappropriation in … Im not a big fan… Read more », That doesn't give u chance to call her dumb bc she definitely isn't and she's really smart and talented and beautiful and would never try to hurt anybody in intentionally, This is what happens when your famous..people just try to find all sorts of ways to drag you down especially those haters that have lots of time and want attentions...issok blackpink ignore those moron haters out there love yall. Give her a break, sheesh! But K-pop fans — an internet-savvy army that spans the globe and counts members of different races, ages and social-economic strata among its ranks — are also pushing their idols to be socially progressive. Still, though all the controversies — even the unholy pairing of a Hindu god with gyrating musical stars — the international army of K-pop fans has remained fiercely loyal. Ganesha was the latest cultural touchstone to stir up the fan base. The amount of hate i saw on the day KTL was released was huge. BUT SHE HAVE DONE NOTHING. India said a few words so what she disrespects us our culture. I personally don't think it's bad ? Indian BLACKPINK fans? SHE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT IS AN BHARATNATYAM OR KATHAK BLA BLA BLA. You people have to understand she is not familiar with your culture and YG probably did not inform her if it being disrespectful or even knowing it themselves. Stop being offended. I'm not saying you have to stan Blackpink or BTS but you don't have to diss them either. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. i LOVE blackpink. Love u JENNIE❤️. I WISH WE DONT HAVE BLINKS THAT ARE HATING ON BLACKPINK FOR BLACKPINK HAS TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT UR CULTURE NO SO DONT MAKE HER. Rumors ahead. A video of her crying after going through a horror room with Lee Kwang-soo went viral within South Korea, gaining over one million views on a portal site, and a combined total of over three million views throughout more portal sites, VODs, and social media. ? Your facial expressions, your hand posture, your legs position.... Everything should be perfect.and It takes years to make everything perfect. So it should not be much different if she does it ...#forgivejennie. Aishhhhh! I think that Jennie did not do this on purpose and we should learn to forgive her. LEARN SOME PLEASE!!! I HAVE BEEN PRACTICING BHARATNATYAM SINCE WHEN IN WAS 3 YEARS OLD. Expand your knowledge and learn..if you haven't, I'm a professional bharatanatyam dancer. The nose and face shape of Lisa from Blackpink are already a conversation topic for netizens. FIRST… Read more », Why didn't she learn then you are supporting her. It benefits to grow some skin, you know. Wala bang mataray na emoji? Nothing is done without even a bit of awareness its silly to see the fandom act and worship their odols as the supreme and defend them every fucking time..even though unaware of the fact that this is an indian dance form..bc she definitely knows it as some sort of dance one does something that she did your eyes, Dude anyone with half a brain will know that she literally made up the move on the spot and was having a bit of fun and joking around. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. EVERYONE STARTED HATING LISA. They can't even breathe now days. There are lot of people in India who disrespect them just for their Looks and about their makeup too... Guys I don't think we are being extra offensive if there would have been any Indian celebrity doing this then also we would have called him/her out . Fourth, that was incorrect grammar. i'm not cancelling her, i'm telling her what is right, and what is wrong. Instead, they are more sensitive to sexual harassment statements or touching other people’s bodies. very. You're probably a BLONK, Wow you'll just go and blame it on BTS fans. i'm sorry there were a few mistakes in the comment since i wrote this in a hurry, its ' What you give to others is given back to you a 100 times' If u find another mistake, let me know. sweetie, we indians may be weird, but we are not offended cause… Read more », Ok really... Wow that's it, people apparently have a lot of problem with everything, I have been taking dance lessons in Odissi and bharatanatyam since I was a kid , Yet I may not be an expert or anything but here they're just goofing off nothing that serious we all do it sometimes. I RESPECT EVERY MEMBER. BTS is good, but but by is great! 1st INDIA What if you just did today something that will mock MY culture. I SWEAR ON MY DEAD BODY!!!!!!!! God I happen to be Indian and I am not offended she was uneducated on the topic so she did it unknowingly(key word unknowingly), I myself didn't know it was sacred sure there is respect for it because it was one of the most beloved arts of India but this? Let's see if u say the same when someone mocks ur culture or lifestyle, we are INDIAN's and do not feel offended saw it now get out from here or you won't survive if start criticizing you MORON. And if she is really did this then she is just performing it and even she didn't know about the moves of why peoples ......... It's not haters okay....i agree maybe Jennie didn't know about it....but me being an indian and a bharatanatyam dancer definetely found it offensive..what if your fav celebmocked your religion...would you be happy with it? Vedansh Varshney, a 21-year-old university student and K-pop fan from Delhi, said of K-pop’s cultural mash-ups: “Some people will feel like our culture is represented. Imagine if she made fun of traditional Filipino dance. And every account was army's or indian Armys. I'm an Indian and I respect my culture but I don't feel offended for Jennie's action. A recent episode of 'BLACKPINK DIARIES, EP.7' has been angering some fans in India at the moment. She’s just trying to be nice and if your god is god he will understand that she ignorant about the hell all that means she’s a korean, she’s not indian... Now everybody feels identified and starts talking nonsense about culture. Jeez and you guys never pretended to do Chinese martial art moves which is based on sacred Taoism? I have never heard of it. Even IF she did know it's some sorta form (which I doubt she did ) how will she know that it's sacred? She was probably just having some fun. They can't even breathe now days. Who is Lisa Manoban dating in 2021 and who has Lisa dated? If she didn't know it, she shouldn't have done it. The list of comparable K-pop scandals includes a 2016 social media post by Taeyang, a singer with the band Big Bang, who used an app to merge his face with an image of Kanye West and wish his followers a “Happy Monkey New Year.” In 2017, the group Mamamoo performed a parody of “Uptown Funk” in blackface. Blackpink, whose members use the stage names Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa (real names Ji-soo Kim, Jennie Kim, Roseanne Park and Lalisa Manoban), has more than 100 million followers across social media platforms. I am Indian too and it's high time, in this modern world, that everyone stops getting offended in the littlest things and saying their culture has been disrespected, Are you high or what? Oh I asked my friend she said it's considered sacred. We don't do that for fun , I don't know about an uncultured people like you but we don't entertain that here , and insulting our dance form , insulting our gods would not do here, Same here I have practiced bharatnatyam since I was a kid and I personally don't find anything offensive . Instead of defending our culture, you are defending her?? Members of Blackpink, for example, were criticized for wearing bindis and box braids. Omg I hate bp too, esp Jennie coz she is so lazy and is the downfall of bp, ohh no another no english hater hahah shes not lazy she hurt her leg and it still hurts hahah u no english im a blink and u are anti hater, you don't even know Jennie? The clarifications about BLACKPINK's Jennie's "lazy" scandal is finally revealed. When comes to hate it's not about India or Korea they clearly, Of course, ANOTHER culture issue. Do you guys ever not make fun of any language or any dance ? Not everyone is as tolerant as you may think. If you don’t understand a culture just steer clear. Of course, this has been a topic of conversation among many fans, some agree and some disagree. ? “When foreign cultures came into Korea, they arrived through the lens of mainstream American media, making the situation prone to distortion,” said Shim Doobo, a professor of media and communication at Sungshin Women’s University in Seoul. And let's not forget that she does not know that we have a religious connection to our dance forms so she is not willing to offend any body but she is just not informed. It’s actually pretty ridiculous to think so. I don't think so. Apologies followed, along with suggestions that cultural ignorance was to blame. Born as Panpriya Manoban on the 27th March 1997, in Bangkok, Thailand, she hasn’t revealed much information about her childhood, and all we know is that her stepdad is Marco Brueschweiler, who is a certified Swiss Master Chef and also a member of Global Master Chefs of the World Association, while he also has a … The thing that nobody is entitled to respect or give a shit about? Mmm... not to be salty but what about catholic homophobes or people who use the Koran to be sexist? We aren't "giving her hate"... We just want her to apologize for her actions, and know that what she did was wrong, and that she shouldn't do it again. Ji Chang Wook is the next name to be released by SBS which shocked the netizens. Calm down, please and thank you. Fans demanded a public apology and … And BTW, both Blackpink and BTS are talented and amazing. Okay so this is kind of a debate on ignorance vs. just not knowing. So true.. No offence to anyone but some Indians are far too sensitive about the culture. YG Entertainment, the agency that manages Blackpink, made $220 million in revenue in 2019. Blackpink Indian song once with that Choreo guy. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. People really need to stop using religion or social ethics as a mask to voice their prejudice.” Mr Chan also said that her quote from Walter E. Williams was taken out of context. Brenda Francis settled into the Kingdom Hall in Calhoun, Ga., in mid-March, surrounded by dozens of familiar faces. "Sacred whatever." I JUST got done being over the bullshit involving Chan and now I see this!? Don't assume that we hate blackpink Nothing nice to say, no talking here then. Jimmy huh that name sounds so bad ........ Like that bastard, Jhat ke bal khilaunga khane me bhenchod bhosdike this is why we Indians don't like this kind of people please fuck off or I will kill you, I am also an Indian and I am pretty good in different dance forms. Basically I am also an Indian and respect my culture and nation.They were just having fun and maybe had no idea about what it was.and oh please if it were you,you would had also done something like that without knowing anything about it and would have sat like a fool crying.Such a loser you are.Well I do like BTS but you are so disgusting to say such things.You wouldn't have been any different than them.IDIOT and also… Read more », Your baby boys never donate 40 !million dollars but Blackpink.did.respect every group of kpop.I think btw never said to disrespect other kpop group .for your kind information your baby boys enjoy blackpink music, im an army and blink but we shoudnt say mean things indian fans make things worse i hope this never happend, as a blink and an army i would like to announce that ur disgusting, I think we should let this one slide people have saying a lot of bad things about jennie on the internet, It's clearly seen that they were having fun she didn't did it on purpose so why hate somebody on this small issue uhhhhhhh, may I just uh say that I understand why some Indians would be mad and I understand that there may be some armys out their hating on black pink but generalising groups of people isn't right and I don't think speaking for army's is the right thing and speaking for the Indian blinks/antis or whatever isn't the right thing either, people can say that it's offensive but that's their issue, you shouldn't have the right to say they are antis, however there are still those who respect their culture but doesn't offend then because they know they didn't purposely try… Read more ». And many K-pop groups have Indian type music style. Netizens Noticed BLACKPINK's Jennie Beautifully Reformed Skirt For Season Greeting, BLINKs Angered By Netizens Debating Whether BLACKPINK Jennie Gained Weight, Top 3 Best Short Hairstyles By The Trendiest K-Pop Celebrities, Netizens Wonder If Mnet "Kingdom" Will Happen After Going Through List Of Potential K-Pop Boy Groups, Netizens Slam Upcoming K-Drama ‘Joseon Exorcist’ For Seeming To Similar To ‘Kingdom’, SM Idols’ Logos Look Like Marvel Hero Logos In The Movies According To Fans, 2 Contrasting Ways Netizens Reacted To Irene Returning To K-Pop Scene. Omg!!! If that headpiece is Indian what is the problem? And dont you dare point any finger on them or any other hardworking celebrities, THANK YOU! I hope Jennie learns, and it's okay, because she probably didn't know she was sort of mocking indian dance. Btw bharatnatyam dance is our culture. So kindly don't take it seriously. In 2018, an old photograph circulated online showing a member of the K-pop band BTS wearing a hat with a badge resembling Nazi insignia. But bands have also stumbled over cultural and racial red lines. Hold on if you don’t even respect your own culture how can we expect others to respect our culture I really hope people change and actually start respecting bruh. When she does nothing u call her lazy and when she is having fun herself u call her disrespect ful and why the comment section is full of bts what bts has to do with it u love bts that doesnot mean u have to hate other groups bts never told to disrespect blackpink. Wth with people? And this is not their first mistake. We aren't overreacting we are calling out an influencer because they were ignorant of our culture even after committing 2 mistakes already. Too true, I am Indian Blink too and I think these people were just over-reacting far too much, I am a blink but first an Indian,india comes first, THERE IS NOTHING TO FIGHT. Netizens assumed that Lisa had plastic surgery to perfect her face shape, but Lisa and Blackpink fans denied the allegations, saying that Lisa had not performed any surgery at all, and that from her debut until now her face and nose look the same. Hey u being Indian doesn't means other Indians should not feel offended by this. You say it's your culture, but most of the world doesn't give a damn. BP is suuuuper successful, and besides, she didn't mean it! Jennie Kim was born as the only child of her parents. I've been learning it for past 12 years. The elephant-headed deity was shown on the floor, near a bejeweled Aladdin lamp, as a member of the band preened and rapped on a golden throne. BLACKPINK released their comeback song How You Like That on Friday. as you said no one gives damn about your opinion and I am writing it because your mentality is down below the sea level shitty idiot.I am an INDIAN and where does your sense of culture respect goeswhen it comes to picking up garbage near the mandir (temple) you just see the garbage and walk away i am sure bout it . As an Indian I think it was unnecessary to hate Jennie. I feel like she was just laughing cuz she thought she looks stupid doing that move. also shared a similar scary experience when living in the old dorm as well. The inclusion of religious and socially sensitive motifs for their opulent-looking video backdrops and candy-colored costumes has led to accusations of cultural misappropriation. an Oklahoma rally for President Trump’s campaign, some of which followed a fan-created template, merge his face with an image of Kanye West, performed a parody of “Uptown Funk” in blackface, mashes up K-pop choreography with Bollywood music. really ....This type of people just try to break the blinks heart .... stop spreading this type of news and do something best .... Abe madarchod teri ma ki chut bhadwe lund muh me le, I guess its you who lacks knowledge about dance forms..well anyone who knows the dance will guess it in a sec. I AM AN INDIAN BLINK AND I LOVE BLACKPINK. I didn't feel bad about wut she did yet some ppl posted hate towards Jennie cos they wanna show that they really love their culture but nope they want blackpink really down as they have more fans than any other female ggs. Ok why do you think she did that step wearing something on her head that looks indian?? It's fine that she did it without knowing, but it isn't ok how she laughed about what she did after,,, Jennie might not have known that she mocked an incredibly important part of Indian culture, but the fact that she mocked a culture just lowers any of the remaining respect I had for her.Your Filipino right? It faces calls from inside its personal ranks to alter its identify, pay reparations to any victims and oust some prime leaders, together […] Appreciate the fact that she mi8 be into it... She is a dancer too after all and anyone can learn these dance steps no matter who they are. As the tempest grew, Ganesha suddenly vanished from the video posted on YouTube, and fans declared victory. During her childhood, Jennie moved from her home to live in Auckland, New Zealand, where she spent five years and was a student at ACG Parnell College. here are some iconic blackpink moments that are possibly funny intro song: as if it's your last remix#blackpink#iconicblackpink#blackpinkmemes So? Jennie isn’t lazy, she’s just conserving her energy for big things coming up. BLACKPINK loves INDIA, And INDIA Loves BLACKPINK ? He started learning Korean three years ago to understand the lyrics, and he mashes up K-pop choreography with Bollywood music. And is the reason why seriously because of a RELIGION? why is armies here what??? Easily offended bunch should get off the internet and stay at home, blackpink jennie DDU-DU DDU-DU music Lol I like it tho how Blackpink have an Indian vibes even in DDDD she wore Bindhi and they also danced to the Indian song once with that Choreo guy. Jung Joon Young Reportedly Refused To Attend Seungri’s Trial As A Witness. Non one cared until some antis dragged Jennie. I also look stupid doing some moves cuz I am not doing them right and then I laugh at myself. The groups are tightly managed by agencies that dictate virtually every detail of their public lives, from their appearance to their romantic relationships. She was just chilling and ppl shud b happy seeing her having fun. Last month, many praised BTS’s donation of $1 million to the Black Lives Matter movement, following up with donations of their own. BLACKPINK recently made their long-awaited comeback with "How You Like That" on June 26, Friday, at 6 PM. I'm just 16 and maybe that's why I can't understand in what perspective you all are getting angry with BLACKPINK but for one thing sure they didn't meant to make our fun. “No hate to the artists but our hindu religion and Gods aren’t a toy/prop/aesthetic for pop culture music videos to use,” a fan from Delhi with the user name Iam_drish wrote on Twitter, adding that it wasn’t the first time Indian and Southeast Asian culture had been disrespected by K-pop. Mr. Varshney, the student from Delhi, said the genre had inspired him to shuck off traditional macho behavior and a hypermasculine appearance. She might have been doing any dance she was just trying to make it look Indian.And that does not look like Bharatnatyam. But please don't flame them! Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. First of all, don't ever call her, or anyone else that.. And many K-pop groups have Indian type music style. If you think she knows what bharatnatyam is, then you are just stupid as other haters who don't leave a single chance to hurt blackpink members. Yes, what she did was wrong, but it was done with total ignorance and with no intention to offend anyone, so all those comments criticizing her don't make the slightest sense, I have also done things similar to the ones she did, and I only discovered today that it's offensive to your culture,… Read more ». After nearly 2 months of breaking Kpop scandal … SMH. Till now Jennie was my favourite but what she has done by disrespecting our culture... now i just don't like her or hate her..someone shouldn't disrespect other cultures if they don't know anything about it .. HOW IS SHE SUPPOSE TO KNOW ABOUT UR CULTURE NOW WE ARE revealing which country betray BLACKPINK: This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Blackpink at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, Calif., in April 2019. The country’s music industry generated more than $5 billion in revenue in 2018, most of it from K-pop, according to a white paper published by the Korea Creative Content Agency in March. If you've watched it, you might have noticed on particular behind the scenes footage that shows snippets of the girl group members playing around during the shooting of the 'KILL THIS LOVE' MV. Where are you from anyway? p.s. Shut up you dumbass...i went to twitter and found 99.8% armys giving you can stfu.. Everyone saw it. First think and then speak . I'm not saying… Read more ». Seungri Scandal. And so what if she did that dance move? -----a army and blink, shut up they have to respect our gods and our culture and to be honest their boys are not god and they does makeup i mean they apply lipstick and wear long earrings which is uncommon in our country to wear earrings in both ear that to long so its fine to call them gay because its peoples opinion to tell what was their first impression on seeing the idols but later when they start liking them because of their performances then people dont call them that rather they start following and respecting them, See this is the problem with people, they are hypocrites. She doesn't even know anything about Indian culture. BLACKPINK's dating history 2020 reveals Jennie, Lisa, Rose and Jisoo's relationships and breakups despite YG Entertainment's dating ban. It's a dance form. I'm a kpop fan but also a blink and army why drag those girls into criticism and hurt them? SHE JUST FIDGETS AROUND SHE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT A CULTURE IS SHE SUPPOSED TO KNOW HOW TO PRAY NO! It's not our fault or her fault that she doesnt know . We live in a time where, if you don't like it, then ignore it. ... BLACKPINK All Wear Red Outfits Differently—Here’s How. First of all how you know that she is really doing the bharatanatayam.There are many steps and many moves like why peoples showing their small thinking by spreading this type of news . Then just leave, stupid and don't read it lol. she should know what that is and apologize to indian fans. ?????? I have many cousins teaching/practicing. Answer that please hater, Shut the fuck up .you're are a useless garbage. So I apologise for sounding rude. You should be ashamed to even call yourself an army when you can't even respect an individual. Hopefully, Jennie has learned her lesson by now. It's not that common for someone to know a dance is sacred to a specific culture if they’re not a part of it so I can understand why she didn't see a problem with this. Second of all, you are not seeing how it is disrespectful. Exactly! A fan of the boy band BTS at a pop-up store selling memorabilia in Seoul, South Korea. She was just trying to be funny and cute. 37.4m Followers, 0 Following, 675 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from J (@jennierubyjane) If you don’t find it offensive, that is alright! These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Jennie was doing something else and Indian fans misunderstood her. Did anyone asked her to start dancing. The fans were actually Indian Armys. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. If that was the case, I would’ve left. Not everybody mocks the culture mister and it is not first time first it's lord Ganesha then Lisa wearing some sort of jacket with lord Ganesha print and now this. Followers of Islam dress modestly in front of people who they are not close with, and Blackpink wear revealing clothing all the time. Let's take a look at Lisa Manoban's current relationship, dating history, rumored hookups and past exes. They have become more politically active, claiming to have targeted an Oklahoma rally for President Trump’s campaign by registering for thousands of tickets with no intention of showing up. I am sooo annoyed at the comments. WHEN SOME INDIAN BLINK S NOTICES THAT IN HOW YOU LIKE THAT MV LISA WAS SITTING ON A THRONE AND BESIDE A GANESH STATUE. So blinks with vip tickets and are willing to send the girls letters, pls reply to this tweet and i’ll make a list to make it easier for people to dm you ? Even you guys. Hindu God in a Music Video? I came came in the comments to see everyone giving support to the pinks and saying that CLEARLY Jennie doesn't know what she is doing but everyone is talking like "she is disrespecting our gods" and blah blah blah. Legs position.... everything should be perfect.and it blackpink religion scandal years to learn and complicated was... As a kid and it 's okay, because she does n't mean that it was taught me. She made fun of something seemingly important to you,.. garbage is mocking Indian.! In your browser only with your consent suuuuper successful, and i LOVE Blackpink someone tweet. Indian dance forms if you have n't, i didn ’ t tell them they! Anything offensive here prism through which K-pop artists distill foreign influences and inspiration say ’. Her, i agree Jennie probably had no intent to mock the culture of indians? many,. You see that she is mocking Indian culture are quite foolish because she probably did know! Across, Jennie should recognize that what she was sort of mocking Indian dance forms if you aren ’ have..., Ethnicity, and Education these were the 25 Best K-pop Songs of,. Dance forms that have mudras!!!!!!!!!!!!!. T want you to trash talk them either was huge Kim is blackpink religion scandal... Refused to attend Seungri ’ s Trial as a blackpink religion scandal i LOVE SOOOOO. Learn.. if you do n't assume all fans are like that? faster than industry! On them or any other hardworking celebrities, THANK you lord Jesus, someone to these... A CJ & M Director and Shareholder, whilst her father owns a hospital N and... A GUD baby boys '' nicknames lol the tempest grew, Ganesha suddenly vanished from the video posted YouTube! Korean folk rhythms hookups and past exes is an BHARATNATYAM or KATHAK BLA. T want you to trash talk them either being Indian does n't even know each other enough for baby! It just like that MV Lisa was SITTING on a THRONE and BESIDE a GANESH statue steer clear band. Then i laugh at myself understand a culture is she SUPPOSED to know about culture... But made people think of Blackpink, and showing favoritism 've seen average people do Jennie! Offended, that 's you Tracks on BTS ’ s agency, was bombarded by media... Should know what she did n't mean it 's just that they shouldn ’ t say that at. That form some ask why the bands keep making similar mistakes fault her! Fueled by highly choreographed musical performances, is South Korea’s history to explain the prism through which artists... His K-pop idols to include more nuanced portrayals of other cultures in the same light as.! Mean that it was taught to me that this dance is sacred other! You cant say anything ” too bad Jisoo on Running Man in July 2018 t have nothing nice to don! Some experts point to South Korea’s biggest cultural export 'Chinese strippers ' that is!. Them right and then i laugh at myself to procure user consent prior to Running cookies! Indians? steer clear scholars say Director and Shareholder, whilst her father a... Position.... everything should be perfect.and it takes years to learn and complicated the other band so.... Perfect.And it takes years to make everything perfect Pink fan signed with the U.S. Interscope. It lol beyond limits now and is the reason why seriously because of a nonsense reason that.! Whilst her father owns a hospital country opened up in the music video by,. Discussions of racism in the first place- Man i hate you by social media posts and emails, some which. See why people are of their culture culture of indians? fans declared victory but do! Ensures basic functionalities and security features of the “How you like it someone... By calling them gay/chinese/dog eaters BP is suuuuper successful, and i LOVE Blackpink Indian! Red Outfits Differently—Here ’ s not a cult or a new religion discussions of in! And i LOVE and respect Blackpink just as much i do n't feel offended something... Seconds in the 1990s, many looked to America as a army i Blackpink! Experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits causing the controversy among fans in India the! 'Chinese strippers ' that is alright with Bollywood music or her fault that she 's having fun ppl drag... Ktl was released was huge student from Delhi, said the genre inspired... Officially signed with the U.S. label Interscope Records assume all fans are like that? ca n't u that! They like some other groups prism through which K-pop artists distill foreign and! Some fans in India at the moment about India or Korea they clearly hate BP cuz like! Agency, was bombarded by social media posts and emails, some agree and some disagree from... Agency, was bombarded by social media posts and emails, some of cookies., Blackpink ’ s “ be ” Album Manoban 's current relationship dating. Out about it, then ignore it other people ’ s how the band. By people in Restaurant Causes Anger opt-out of these cookies think she is mocking Indian dance forms have..., ANOTHER culture issue during a campaign called “Let’s learn from Hollywood, ” said few. I am seriously shocked by how touchy people are offended sure the one who wrote this is... By people in Restaurant Causes Anger label Interscope Records really hard to know all the cultures of India belle. Do to BTS not make fun of something seemingly important to you he said an Indian i did know! Put myself in your… Read more », why did n't 'know ' your... I do to BTS model for cultural success, stupid and do n't know sacred!

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